Air Purification Solutions

Ammacus is a leading WELL Building, Healthy Workspaces & WELL Certification business throughout Asia Pacific. We are committed to improving the indoor air quality for all people, as we believe the act  of breathing should be as nature intended.

Ammacus approach to air purification is to lead with science & evidence-based research.

Ammacus have partnered with Delos, a global leader in Wellness real estate, and the IWBI (International Well Building Institute) the worlds largest certification body for healthy buildings

Our range of air purification devices exceed the highest global standards and are fully researched, approved, and endorsed by science. Including Delos Labs, an internal research team and the Well Living Lab, founded as a collaboration with the Mayo Clinic – the world’s first lab exclusively committed to researching innovations designed to improve human health in the indoor environment

Real world simulations are conducted by scientists to collect & analyse data to determine the effects on our health in the indoor environment.

To date, over 600 products have been reviewed by 27 x PHD’s via our partner Delos, with only a handful exceeding the global recommended standards. Those air purification devices that exceed those global recommendations are the only air devices that Ammacus recommends

Healthy Spaces


Office Spaces

Hotels & Resorts


Hybrid Workers

Healthy Learning Spaces 

Our science backed well-being interventions are designed to promote performance for students and staff while minimising the potential for disease transmission with access to real time live data reporting

High-end HEPA filters are able to capture particles down to 0.3 microns (PM0.3), these filters are not very efficient at filtering out airborne particles as small as SAR-CoV-2 (which ranges from 0.06-0.14 microns). The standalone air purification devices we use for classrooms are portable, with technology that filters out particles as small as 0.007 microns, at 99.97% efficiency.

These air purification units  have been rolled out throughout the US School system circa 500,000 and hundreds of Australian  schools 

White papers on Air Purification for Education

Healthy Office Spaces

Poor indoor air quality is a major cause of illness for over 40% of office workers. 

The top 3 air quality issues reported by employees are:

1. Poor Air Circulation
2. Excessive Dust, & 
3. The smell of chemicals

1 in 2 office workers experienced a lack of focus
due to poor air quality. Meanwhile, a staggering 40%
needed to take sick leave. Imagine the cost…….

Improve Employee Safety

  • Reduce the spread of viruses like influenza, coronavirus, and SARS
  • Eliminate VOCs found in common cleaning products
  • Neutralize odors
  • Remove bacteria
  • Decrease airborne allergens like pollen, mold, and dust
  • Improve Productivity
  • Decrease employee absenteeism  

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Healthy Spaces Hotels & Resorts

Did you know, hotels who provide significant wellness offerings generate almost 43% more in total revenue per available room compared with hotels with no wellness offerings?

WELL Hotel rooms help to improve the indoor air of your guests’ rooms while reducing exposure to allergens, and potentially harmful viruses. Provide your guests a remarkable hotel experience with in room air purification to promote better sleep and a far superior healthier stay.

Our complete range of air purification solutions is built to solve indoor air quality challenges specific to hosting guests in your space. From plug and play portable units to HVAC retrofit systems designed for ceiling cavity spaces, we’ll apply our expertise to outfit your built environment, wherever that may be.

Some of the largest hotel chains in the world such as the Hilton, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, MGM Resorts, Sheraton, Accor, Marriott hotel use Wellness solutions to drive patronage & provide a WELL hotel experience.

White papers on Air Purification for Hotels & Resorts

Healthy Transportation Spaces

Keeping your employees & passengers safe and WELL is paramount in transportation today. Should your business be a train, airline, cruise Liner, bus, taxis, or rideshare organization, the requirement to efficiently deal with particulates in the air is now a necessity

Ensuring a safe transportation environment will instill confidence with passengers & employees that you value their safety. 

Our complete range of air purification solutions for transportation are built to solve indoor air quality challenges of any kind. 

White papers on Air Purification for Transportation

Healthy Spaces for Hybrid Workers

As a busy person on the go, your health & well being are critical to achieve optimum performance.

Portable Air Purifier is perfect for any space up to 30sqm

3-Stage Filtration
Captures large particulate with the first stage prefilter, harmful and irritating particulate with the second stage HEPA filter and chemical/gas pollution with the third stage VOC filter

This high-quality HEPA air purification unit that includes:

  • Foam prefilter, HEPA filter, and Carbon Inner Filter Blanket.
  • Just 5W of energy consumption, plugs into 12V DC power source.
  • 2-speed airflow adjustment.
  • Third stage VOC filter available as a canister upgrade

Air Purification Devices

Ammacus customizes air purification solutions for all environments. From entire Buildings, Offices, classrooms, great halls, conference rooms, buses, taxis, rideshare & personal Hybrid working solutions

               Smaller Spaces 

Air purification devices for small meeting areas & conference rooms covers up to 550 square feet. Inbuilt data capabilities to see the air you breathe in real time 24×7 – VOC’s, PM2.5, PM10, CO, C02, Temperature, humidity                                                                                                                  Available to purchase via Capex & or Opex  

            Medium  Spaces

For medium size spaces like common areas up to 1,125 sq ft. Tested to remove particles as small as 0.007 microns smaller than COVID 19 particles at 99.99% efficiency

        Available to purchase  via Capex & or Opex

               Larger Spaces

Ideal for medium to large indoor spaces such as lobbies,  auditoriums, large common areas for spaces up to 3,500 sq ft. Remove particles as small as 0.007 microns—smaller than COVID-19 particles—at 99.99% efficiency.*

          Available to purchase  via Capex & or Opex

In Ceiling/ Floor/ Roof top By-Pass solutions 

Our Advanced Air Filtration System is a high-quality HEPA/MERV16 air purification unit, utilising a bypass design that diverts, cleans, and circulates air back into your environment or operates independently with its own ducting. HEPA Filter replacement every 3-5 years

Available to purchase via Capex & or Opex

Solutions for Hybrid Workers

Ideal for hybrid workers and business travel.  Our personal go anywhere air purification devices are great way to provide an effective buffer between you and potentially dangerous particles that may surround you. 

Air quality Monitors

The Delos Air Quality Sensor is a best-in-class IAQ monitoring device with intelligent software analytics, and turn-key building integrations to improve occupant wellbeing, increase energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions, all at the same time. Measure CO2, PM10, PM2.5, TVOC, Humidity, Temperature & overall air quality in real time on any device 24×7.

Enjoy Clean Air Every Where