Ammacus Means ‘Friendship’.

Established in 2017, Ammacus  launched as a leading agnostic boutique service integrator & service provider business specialising in Unified Communications to enterprise, & Government throughout APAC. 

As a forward thinking company we evolved, to also become a leading Global Well Building, Healthy Work spaces & Well Certification business, helping companies transition to WELL through healthy buildings, clean purified air & healthy spaces to support organizations WELL strategies, employee & client Well Being

Our core values are built on Relationships, Accountability, Flexibility & most importantly  Trust. Everything we do at Ammacus is with our clients bests interests at heart, working in partnership to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

When you need to drive innovation at scale & pace, solve complex business problems such as returning to the office in a healthy space, hybrid working solutions, & future proofing your organization with the latest enterprise technology contact the team at Ammacus 

At Ammacus,
all is WELL.

We deliver Wellness Solutions & products for healthier spaces.  All our solutions are fully backed, researched & validated by science, including:

As we spend over 90% of our time indoors. The spaces in which we live, work, sleep and play can influence almost every aspect of our lives, from how well we sleep to our moods, productivity and overall energy levels.

Over the past few years, our working habits have drastically changed. There has been a massive insurgence to healthy work spaces, WELL Buildings, remote working & digital transformation. 

People today of all ages want to go to work & feel good. They also want healthier places to work, so they feel safe, and have great technology at their fingertips just like they do at home.

Our Valued        Partners

If you’re the type of company that values Trust, open conversations, and getting things done right the first time, then we should certainly talk!