Cloud PBX and Contact Center

Connect to the world with cloud pbx. A simple & intuative Cloud Phone system, highly scaleable, easy to use & deploy  no matter the size of your organisation.  A few of the many features below 

  • Global Phone coverage
  • Secure Communications
  • Trusted Architecture
  • Bring Your Own Carrier ( BYOC)
  • On Premise (BYOC)
  • Get Meetings, VoIP Phone, and Team Chat together on any device
  • Single Sign On 
  • Phone Number Porting 
  • Device Management
  • Quality Dashboards
  •  Advanced Analytics
  • Contact Centre Integration 
  • Global Call Routing 
  •  Whisper
  • CRM Integration 
We partner with the leading Gartner quadrant cloud organizations to ensure the right solution for your business

Cloud PBX

Effortlessly manage users and oversee business interactions using a robust, secure, and dependable platform designed for enterprise-level operations.

  • Experience exceptional call clarity and quality in all your business interactions with secure HD audio.
  • Effortlessly make and receive calls using WiFi, cellular data, and cellular voice connections without any disruptions.
  • Maximize productivity with a single unified app that combines video, voice, messaging, and meetings functionalities.
  • Stay connected at all times with native apps available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Benefit from intelligent call routing and management features to streamline communication processes.
  • Enhance customer experience with an auto attendant/interactive voice response system.
  • Access modern desktop and mobile apps for a seamless communication experience across devices.
  • Achieve interoperability with standards-based endpoints for seamless connectivity.
  • Access voicemails and call history for convenient message management.
  • Utilize caller ID and dialing personas to personalize your communication experience.
  • Record important calls for future reference and quality assurance purposes.
  • Efficiently handle shared line appearances and delegation for improved collaboration

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty

  • Design your contact center for efficiency

  • Streamline your call center workflows

  • Boost your CSAT score

  • Improve first-contact resolution
  • Improve agent experience
  • Measure and improve call center performance with analytics
  • Empower agents with one app for customer engagement and real-time access to back-office experts
  • Improve responsiveness and remove the silos between your call center and the rest of your organization
  • Reduce cost and complexity with one easy-to-use administration portal for contact center and collaboration tools
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Engage with your customers in new ways
  • Build with ease using the visual IVR system

Connect Your Global Workforce